Why The Empire Will Always Lose At Data Security

Jason Kuehl
2 min readDec 14, 2020
Why The Empire Will Always Loss At Data Security


For those of you familiar with season 2, episode 7’s Mandalorian face reveal, the internet and data nerds are having a field day with it.

People are saying this is a “captcha” in order to detect if a droid is accessing Imperial data. I would fully believe this if it didn’t also scan for New Republic agents/associates and listed criminals. No ties to the Empire required. Meaning it is linked to a database of NON-imperials, fully expecting non-droids to try to access it as well.

This is why the Empire sucks at everything data security. A perfect example is Scarif. This place was a center for top-secret research, a place where only one copy of the data could be kept (for security reasons). But of course, they messed up. They never encrypted their data. At a secret base. OF SECRET DATA.

Do you know what might have saved the Empire? Data Encryption. Do you know what might have prevented Din Djarin from accessing this Imperial data? Instead of checking to see if they’re wanted by the ISB or if they’re a droid, why not check to see if they’re a current member of the Empire? Does the Empire have some version of HR, or don’t they? Having current employee records loaded would have prevented any non-Imperial from access this data to start with. Or better yet, how about only base personnel only?

This is why the Empire will never win: They can’t even keep basic data in check.