Since I travel a bunch for work, and spend a lot of time in hotels I decided to build this setup. It has a router/access point, a phone in tethered mode, USB Charger, and a PI that can be connected to any TV.

Initial Design…

FTP Is 50 Today...

April 16th, 1971 RFC959 (you may know it as FTP) was born, making it 50 years old today. Even though it is that old and there are serious security concerns, there are still numerous FTP servers running. For example (Pulled from Shodan):

- United States 736,721

- Japan 285,691

- China 284,550

- Germany…

The Process Of Making Things.

What do you want to build?

Anyone and everyone can build something. The first step though is to decide what you want to make. It could be as simple or complex as needed to achieve what you want. It could be mechanical, cosplay, baking: anything your mind can make up!

Why I Started Using

Not very many are going to understand this unless they’ve worked at a startup or at a company that pushes their workers to get code working with very little testing.

The “poop” variable in coding is very funny and very real. I personally started using this out of anger and i…

Why The Empire Will Always Loss At Data Security


For those of you familiar with season 2, episode 7’s Mandalorian face reveal, the internet and data nerds are having a field day with it.

People are saying this is a “captcha” in order to detect if a droid is accessing Imperial data. I would fully believe…

Jason Kuehl

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